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Corporate Market Opportunity

The corporate market segment is significant and provides fitness clubs with an excellent opportunity to generate incremental memberships and revenues.

Corporate Market OpportunityWith the continuous increases in health-related costs, it is no surprise that employers view them as their number one concern. It is a well known fact that fitness-related programs help corporate executives control their healthcare costs. As a result, they are very interested and motivated to explore the solutions that your corporate sales team can provide.

Consider these facts:

99% of all US corporations are significantly or critically concerned about rising healthcare costs (Hewitt Associates).
But…only 18% are confident of their ability to manage increases in healthcare costs (Watson Wyatt).
So…81% are still searching for a solution.

80% of executives said that companies have a responsibility to promote the health and wellness of their employees (American Marketing Association).
But…only 31% of companies offer a fitness center membership subsidy or reimbursement program (Society For Human Resource Management).

24% of companies have an on-site fitness center for the use of their employees (Society For Human Resource Management).
But…40% of employer’s healthcare costs are produced by family members of their employees.

The advantages are well documented:

Corporate Market OpportunityActive employees are absent from work 31% less than inactive employees.

Throughout the US, companies achieve between a $1.49 and $4.91 return on investment for each dollar invested in a corporate fitness program.

As a result:

The average US club generates 18% of its members from corporate sales. (IHRSA)

Since 1999, there has been a 35% increase in the number of companies that offer membership subsidies or reimbursements to their employees. (Society For Human Resource Management)

80% of employees would make use of a fitness club if their employer subsidized their dues. (Society For Human Resource Management)

Given these facts, it is not surprising that many of the fitness clubs that have implemented dedicated corporate sales channels are generating 15-30%+ of their overall new member sales through their corporate sales team.

To help your company achieve significant results within the growing corporate market sement, Corporate Sales Strategies offers a full suite of Products & Services.